InterX® 1000

InterX® 1000

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The InterX 1000 provides a non-drug alternative for the effective management of pain. Whether you have a general ache or pain, or suffer from an ongoing injury, the InterX 1000 allows safe and effective treatment with the push of a button.

Unlike some pain management products, the InterX 1000 does not simply block pain; patient experience suggests a prolonged effect that may last beyond the initial treatment.

Available as a home use product for individual use, or as a support during treatment with other therapies or the InterX professional model, the InterX 1000 is a valuable resource for pain management.

Simple to use, effective non-drug pain relief solution
Through applications that are both simple and easy to perform, you can now access unique interactive neurostimulation to effectively treat a range of injuries, as well as more general aches and pains. It provides simple and effective treatment applications for :

  • Pain from injury (e.g. bruise, sprain or strain)
  • Aggravated joint pain
  • General aches and pains
  • Chronic back and neck conditions
  • Osteoarthritis
  • InterX 1000 FeaturesThe InterX 1000 combines interactive technology with simple preset settings that allow immediate access to a range of treatment protocols. The device has the following features :
    • 5 easy to access treatment settings
    • Simple treatment programs that range from 5 to 30 minutes
    • Fully portable
    • Light weight, travel-friendly design
    • Comprehensive, easy to understand user manual
    • Convenient and safe alternative for pain management

    Who should use the InterX?

    InterX 1000 Home Device

    People who have an acute pain such as a recent injury, fractured bones, inflammation, recent surgery, toothache, women suffering with period pains, etc.
    Recent clinical studies demonstrate that the InterX is effective to reduce pain, reduce swelling and inflammation, to reduce muscular spasm and as a result of this it improves function, flexibility, and speeds up the healing time

  • Also, people who suffer with chronic conditions like Osteoarthritis of the joints, back and neck pain, frozen shoulder, sciatic pain. To those who have an artificial knee or hip replacement or other metal implants, the InterX is effective and safe to use, because
    the stimulation is limited to the skin.InterX can successfully treat even the most stubborn of injuries such as “overuse” like “tennis elbow”, carpal tunnel syndrome, Achilles’ tendonitis, Plantar- Fasciitis, Os-Goot Schlatter, etc.The InterX provides an interactive neural stimulation, it is effective in treating so called neuropathic pains: so if you have trigeminal neuralgia, fibromyalgia, neuropathies and even very painful condition such as Complex Regional Pain syndrome. You can benefit from using the personal device to control your pain, but it is also a cost saving for you: very chronic conditions require many treatments.  In chronic pain sufferers the body adapts to ‘feel’ pain all the time, so if you don’t have enough treatments the pain will return because the body is habituating pain.Who should not use it?
    People who have no diagnosis for their pain and who have a cardiac pacemaker.
    Serious conditions should be treated under a supervision of your doctor or a trained InterX therapist. You will receive a specific guidance and advice that will be updated on weekly basis to get your pain under control and improve your condition.

    People who have pain due to cancerous tumour, or suffering with circulatory diseases such as thrombophlebitis or embolism, epilepsy, pregnancy should be taking caution and seeking advice before starting treatment program with the InterX.

    If you are not sure whether the InterX can help you with your pain, please contact Dr Frost I would be able to advise.

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